Canadian Steering Committee on Numbering Draft Meeting Minutes and Documents

This page is intended to host the following types of documents:
  • Contributions and information documents made available for CSCN meetings
  • Draft documents posted for comment
  • Documents that have been sent to CRTC/CISC for consideration
This page is not the official repository for CSCN documents. The official repository is located on the CRTC's CSCN page.

Sent to CRTC for Posting

Files that have been finalized by the CSCN and have been sent to the CRTC for posting. Once posted by the CRTC, files will be removed from here.

Sent to CISC for Approval

Files that have been sent for approval by the CISC before they can be considered by the CRTC. Once approved by the CISC, files will be removed from here.

CSCN Draft Meeting Minutes

Minutes from CSCN meetings and conference calls are posted here for comment before they are finalized. Once finalized, they are sent to the CRTC for posting. Finalized CSCN minutes can be found at

CSCN Documents

Documents to be presented to CSCN so they can be accessed and reviewed before CSCN meetings. Once presented to the CSCN, files will be captured in the meeting minutes and removed from here.

CSCN Contributions

Contributions to TIFs are posted here prior to the meetings where they will be discussed. The contributions are also sent to the CRTC for posting. They are removed from this location after they have been reviewed by CSCN but can still be found on the CRTC website at


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