Service User Agreements with the CNA and CNAC

All telecommunications service providers (“TSP”) are required to sign and deliver to the Canadian Numbering Administration Consortium (“CNAC”) a combined CNA and CNAC Service User Agreement prior to being eligible to obtain any numbering resources from the Canadian Numbering Administrator (“CNA”) (COMsolve Inc.).

Please note that the CNA is not permitted to provide a TSP with numbering resources until CNAC has received the applicable agreements from the TSP.

Combined CNA/CNAC Service User Agreement

The Service User Agreement provides for the terms and conditions that govern how the CNA provides numbering resources to a TSP and how such resources are to be used by the TSP. It also provides for the terms and conditions that govern the funding mechanism for all TSPs.

a. English version - 2024-A-Service_User_Agreement.pdf(2024-01)

b. version française - La version française sera disponible bientôt

Each TSP is encouraged to consider carefully the terms set out in the above agreements before executing the same. Once executed, the agreements are binding.

Executed agreements are to be sent by mail, facsimile or email to the following address:

Welch LLP
123 Slater St. 3rd floor
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5H2

Attention: Gail Yeung, CA
Fax (613) 236-8258
email at

If the agreements are initially sent by facsimile or email, an original copy is to be sent the above address by ordinary mail.

For additional information on the CRTC approved funding mechanism see CNAC Funding Mechanism.


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