Canadian Exchange Area Listing

The following Exchange Area and associated Rate Center and Local Interconnect Region (LIR) data was derived from Canadian service providers’ tariff documents. The Canadian Numbering Administrator (CNA) is not the master record holder of this data and therefore makes no claim as to its current accuracy. Any discrepancy between the list and the tariff, the tariff should be considered correct. If changes are required, service provider representatives should contact the CNA.

The Canadian Exchange Area list includes ... Canadian Province, NPA (Area Code) Complex, Exchange Area name, Rate Center name (generally used in the industry routing and rating database service), LIR name, and a Map Link to the approximate center of the geographic Exchange Area.

Click on column title for single-column sort or use the filters by selecting categories/ranges or type-in boxes. Above the title columns, the rows visible and total are noted on the left, data-page navigation in the center and records per page and “Clear filters” function (Clear Flters Icon) are located on the right. Download the csv format status file for advanced data filtering and sorting in a desktop spreadsheet application.
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Province NPA Complex Exchange Area Rate Center LIR Map Link
{{exchange.PC}} {{exchange.SC}} {{exchange.EA_N}} {{exchange.RC_N}} {{exchange.LIR_N}} Show Exchange Area on Google Map

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