Vertical Service Codes

This numbering resource is not administered by the CNA. Vertical Service Codes are assigned by network providers under the terms of the Vertical Service Code Assignment Guidelines.

Vertical Service Codes Description

VSCs are customer-dialed codes in the *XX or *2XX dialling format for touch-tone and the 11XX or 112XX dialling format for rotary phones. They are used to provide customer access to features and services (e.g. call forwarding, automatic callback, etc.) provided by Network Service Providers such as local exchange carriers, interexchange carriers, Commercial Mobile Radio Service (CMRS), interconnected VoIP providers (iVoIP), etc. For example, Call Forwarding is activated by dialling *72. VSCs are assigned to features or services to enable consistent accessibility throughout the PSTN. The purpose of common/standard VSCs is to minimize customer confusion and provide a standard service access approach for features and services within multiple individual networks (multi-network applications).

Vertical Service Codes Guideline

The current ATIS INC VSC guidelines are approved for use by the Canadian Steering Committee on Numbering (CSCN).
A copy of the 1 August 2018 INC-approved guidelines are located here.

Vertical Service Codes Forms

There are no Application Forms associated with Vertical Service Codes as the codes are implemented by TSPs in their own networks.

Vertical Service Codes Status

A list of vertical service codes is available from the NANPA website.

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