System Identifier (SID)

This numbering resource is fully administered by the CNA.

System Identifier Description

A SID is a 15-bit identifier (0-32767) transmitted from a base station over a radio interface, that identifies a mobile system conforming to one of several Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) wireless standards (e.g., AMPS/TDMA/CDMA). The SID is used by mobile stations to determine whether the system through which they are communicating is a system to which they subscribe or whether they are considered by the system to be roamers. SID codes are for Wireless Service Providers (WSP) and Wireless Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (WCLEC) in Canada that operate ANSI-41-based wireless networks, or that provide roaming into ANSI-41-based wireless networks from other wireless networks.

A range of SIDs (i.e., 16384 through 18431) has been allocated to Canada, and SIDs within this range are administered in accordance with the Guideline by the CNA in its role as the SID Administrator.

System Identifier Assignment Guideline

In Canada, the Canadian Numbering Administrator (CNA) undertakes the primary administrative functions for all System Identifier (SID) resources. The CNA administers SID resources in accordance with the Canadian System Identifier (SID) Assignment Guideline developed by the Canadian Steering Committee on Numbering and approved by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

The Canadian System Identifier (SID) Assignment Guidelines can be obtained from the CRTC website by clicking here.

The administration of SIDs in Canada is conducted under the regulatory authority of the CRTC.

System Identifier Forms

The System Identifier forms are located in the Canadian System Identifier (SID) Assignment Guidelines, which are located on the CRTC website.

Those meeting the requirements to apply for an System Identifier should extract the form from the guideline for submission to the System Identifier administrator and submit them to

System Identifier Status

The currently assigned System Identifiers in Canada are listed here.

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