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For the purpose of assigning numbering resources, personal communication service is a set of capabilities that allows some combination of personal mobility, terminal mobility and service profile management. This is sometimes referred to as "follow me" personal communication services. Assignments for this type of service were originally from Service Access Code (SAC) 500 and, at the time of its exhaust, from Easily Recognizable Code (ERC) 533. Future assignments will follow the format 5YY.

The format for 5YY numbers is 5YY-NXX-XXXX where the prefix (NXX) indicates the 5YY service provider, and the line number (XXXX) indicates the particular premium service. Since the identity of the service provider is embedded in the number, 5YY service is not portable at this time. 5YY-NXX codes, each subsuming a block of 10,000 numbers, are assigned to 5YY service providers, who in turn assign individual numbers to their customers. Potential customers in search of a particular 5YY number should view current assignments, find the NXX for the number they want, and contact the service provider listed to determine if the number they want is available.

5YY-NXX codes are assigned to 5YY service providers according to the Personal Communications Services 5YY NXX Code Assignment Guideline developed by the Industry Numbering Committee, as accepted or amended by the CSCN.

The current CRTC-approved Canadian Adjunct to the Industry Numbering Committee (INC) Personal Communications Services (PCS) 5YY NXX Code Assignment Guideline is available here.

On July 16, 2001, the CNA returned the Canadian NPA 500 NXXs to NANPA.

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