N11 Codes

N11 Codes Description

Service codes, commonly called N11 codes because of their format, are used to provide three-digit dialling access special services. The most common assignments of N11 codes, in Canada, are as follows:

N11 Code Services
211 Public Information and Referral Services
311 Non-emergency Municipal Government Services
411 Local Directory Assistance
511 Weather and Traveler Information Services
611 Repair Service
711 Message Relay Service (MRS)
811 Non-urgent Health Care Telephone Triage Service
911 Emergency

In Decision CRTC 2001-475, Allocation of three-digit dialling for public information and referral services, the Commission determined that the allocation of unused N11 codes should be based upon the following guideline:

N11 Codes Assignment Guideline

In Telecom Decision CRTC 2008-61, dated 4 July 2008, the Commission-approved the Canadian N11 Notification & Implementation Guideline. This guideline addresses the notification, planning and coordination of the implementation of N11 codes 211, 311, 511 and 811 in Canada.

The Canadian N11 Notification & Implementation Guideline can be obtained from the CRTC website by clicking here.

N11 Implementation Plans and Notices

In accordance with the Commission-approved Canadian N11 Notification & Implementation Guideline, the CNA is responsible for publishing Canadian N11 Implementation Plans and Notices received from N11 planning committees.

To have your Implementation Plan & Notices posted or updated, please contact the CNA using NonCOCodeApps@cnac.ca. The repository of packages received is available on the N11 Implementation Plans and Notices page.

N11 Distribution List

In accordance with the Commission-approved Canadian N11 Notification & Implementation Guideline, the CNA is responsible for publishing a Canadian N11 Distribution List for notifications.

To have your email address Added, Removed or Updated, please contact the CNA using NonCOCodeApps@cnac.ca.

Email Listing

  • NonCOCodeApps@cnac.ca;
  • aashi.dalvi@bell.ca;
  • AHe@primustel.ca;
  • bell.regulatory@bell.ca;
  • carrier.relations@videotron.com;
  • cathy.mcgouran@allstream.com;
  • CoreCSEngineering@FreedomMobile.ca;
  • ddolan@teksavvy.ca;
  • devops@processoft.com;
  • dir.commutation@sogetel.com;
  • didorders@iristel.com;
  • document.control@sasktel.com;
  • eric.boer@distributel.ca;
  • Gerry.Thompson@rci.rogers.com;
  • hreheman@teksavvy.ca;
  • IDulay@primustel.ca;
  • ingops.telephonie@maskatel.qc.ca;
  • jdupuis@rci.rogers.com;
  • Kim.Isaacs@allstream.com;
  • leo.santoro@bell.ca;
  • les@les.net;
  • m-christine.hudon@bell.ca;
  • n11@acrovoice.ca;
  • n11@distributel.ca;
  • n11@sjrb.ca;
  • N11@viewcom.ca;
  • n11@voipmuch.com;
  • N11ProductManagement@telus.com;
  • patricia.chambers@ahs.ca;
  • planning@isptelecom.net;
  • regaffairs@quebecor.com;
  • Regulatory@distributel.ca;
  • regulatory@imperialtelecom.ca;
  • regulatorypublicsaf@rci.rogers.com;
  • rschleihauf@fibernetics.ca;
  • Russell.DeLong@corp.eastlink.ca;
  • rwi_gr@rci.rogers.com;
  • sherri-lyn.kauffeldt@bell.ca;
  • snagulan@comwave.net;
  • telecom.regulatory@cogeco.com;
  • team.regulatory@iristel.com;
  • wireless.e911@bell.ca;

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