9YY NXX Codes

This numbering resource is administered by NANPA although all Canadian applications must be submitted to the CNA for approval and final submission to NANPA for processing.

9YY NXX Codes Description

9YY NXX numbers are used to access premium services offered by a carrier’s subscriber. When these services are accessed, the calling party pays for call setup and the specific services associated with the 9YY call, and the cost of calls to these services is normally billed to the calling party. The intended services to be supplied by 9YY subscribers are information services.

9YY NXX numbers are in the format 9YY-NXX-XXXX, where the prefix (NXX) is assigned to the carrier, and the line number (XXXX) indicates the particular premium service. The 9YY NXX Code Holder assigns the individual numbers to their subscriber that offers the premium service.

To access the information service provider, the calling party dials (1)+9YY-NXX-XXXX. The Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) will perform a 6-digit translation of the 9YY NXX portion of a 9YY-NXX-XXXX number to identify the carrier for call routing. The carrier will route the call to the information service provider.

9YY NXX codes are assigned to 9YY service providers according to the guideline developed by the ATIS-sponsored Industry Numbering Committee.  9YY NXX service is not portable; that is, the identity of the service provider is embedded in the number.

9YY NXX Codes are assigned according to the Industry Numbering Committee (INC) 9YY NXX Code Assignment Guideline, as accepted or modified by the Canadian Steering Committee on Numbering. If you wish to apply for an assignment, fill out the application form included in the assignment guideline, and return it to the Canadian Numbering Administrator.

9YY NXX Codes Assignment Guideline

The Canadian Adjunct to the Industry Numbering Committee (INC) 9YY NXX Code Assignment Guidelines can be obtained from the CRTC website by clicking here.

9YY NXX Codes Forms

9YY NXX Codes forms are located in Appendix A of the Canadian Adjunct to the Industry Numbering Committee (INC) 9YY NXX Code Assignment Guidelines, which is located on the CRTC website.

Those meeting the requirements to apply for 9YY NXX Codes should extract the form from the guideline for submission to the 9YY NXX Codes administrator and submit them to NonCOCodeApps@cnac.ca.

9YY NXX Codes Status

The complete list of 9YY NXX numbers assigned in the NANP area may be found at https://www.nationalnanpa.com.

The currently assigned Canadian 9YY NXX Codes are listed here.

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