800-855 Line Numbers

This numbering resource is no longer administered in Canada. See status below.

800-855 Line Numbers Description

The intended use for 800-855 numbers to provide services for the deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired is no longer required due to the FCC’s implementation of a Uniform Ten-Digit Telephone Numbering System for Internet-based TRS in 2008 (FCC 08-151), and the requirement from the 2011 Order (FCC 11-123) that persons holding a toll-free number must transition it to a toll-free plan associated with a RespOrg.

Therefore, the 800-855 Number Assignment Guidelines (ATIS-0300047) are no longer in use and 800-855 line numbers are no longer assigned by the NANPA or the CNA.

With once exception for Canada (see Status below), the 800-855 numbers are strictly assigned for toll-free use, and the Toll-Free Number Administrator has assumed management of 800-855 line numbers. Please note that the numbers will remain in unavailable status until further directed by the FCC.

800-855 Line Numbers Assignment Guideline

The Canadian Adjunct to INC 800-855 Number Assignment Guidelines can be obtained from the CRTC website by clicking here.

800-855 Line Numbers Forms

At this time, no additional 800-855 assignments will be made.

800-855 Line Numbers Status

800-855-0511 is currently assigned for Message Relay Service (MRS); confirmed in use in Canada February 2020.

At this time, no additional 800-855 assignments will be made.

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