Canadian MIN Block Identifier (MBI)

This numbering resource is fully administered by the CNA.

MBI Description

Mobile Identification Number (MIN) Block Identifiers, known as MBIs, are numbering resources assigned to Wireless Carriers and used by Wireless Service Providers (WSPs). A MIN is a 10-digit number that is similar to a North American Numbering Plan (NANP) number. The MIN consists of a 6-digit MIN Block Identifier (MBI), followed by a 4-digit Mobile Subscriber Number (MSN). One MBI contains 10,000 MINs. Individual MINs are administered by the Wireless Carrier to which the MBI is assigned (the MBI Assignee).

MBI Assignment Guideline

The Canadian MIN Block Identifier (MBI) Assignment Guideline can be obtained from the CRTC website by clicking here.

MBI Forms

The MBI Request for Assignment, Return or Information Change (Form 1) and the Confirmation of In-Use (Form 3) forms are located in Appendix B of the Canadian MIN Block Identifier (MBI) Assignment Guideline, which is located on the CRTC website.

Those meeting the requirements to submit forms should extract the forms from the guideline for submission to the MBI Administrator and submit them to

MBI Status

The currently assigned MBI Blocks in Canada are listed here.

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