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During CSCN #43, April 28, 1999, the Canadian Steering Committee on Numbering reached the following agreement:

Agreement was reached that the CSCN decision taken in Nov 1997 to review all changes to INC Number resource guidelines prior to acceptance by the CSCN be modified to become effective April 28, 1999. INC documents in effect on April 28, 1999 are hereby adopted for use in Canada unless superseded by Canadian numbering resource assignment guidelines or Canadian Adjuncts to INC documents.

Consequently, the CNA web site has been modified to provide users with access to the numbering resource assignment guidelines currently applicable in Canada.

Canadian numbering resource assignment guidelines are currently under review by the CSCN. As Canadian guidelines and adjuncts are approved by the CISC Steering Committee and the CRTC, Canadian numbering resource assignment guidelines and adjuncts will be migrated off the CNA web site to the CRTC CISC CSCN web pages. A document link will be provided from the CNA web site.

The most recent versions of the Industry Numbering Committee (INC) numbering resource assignment guidelines are available from the INC web site. It must be noted, however, that the INC guidelines modified after April 28, 1999, are not applicable in Canada and access to the INC documents is provided for reference purposes only.

Links with the North American Numbering Plan Administration web site have been retained.


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