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N11 Codes

Service codes, commonly called N11 codes because of their format, are used to provide three-digit dialing access special services. The most common assignments of N11 codes, in Canada, are as follows:

N11 Code Services
211 Public Information and Referral Services
311 Non-emergency Municipal Government Services
411 Local Directory Assistance
511 Weather and Traveler Information Services
611 Repair Service
711 Message Relay Service (MRS)
811 Non-urgent Health Care Telephone Triage Service
911 Emergency

In Telecom Decision CRTC 2008-61, dated 4 July 2008, the Commission approved the Canadian N11 Notification & Implementation Guideline. This guideline addresses the notification, planning and coordination of the implementation of N11 codes 211, 311, 511 and 811 in Canada.

The CRTC-approved Canadian N11 Notification & Implementation Guideline can be found on the CRTC website.

In Decision CRTC 2001-475, Allocation of three-digit dialing for public information and referral services, the Commission determined that the allocation of unused N11 codes should be based upon the following guideline:

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