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CSCN Participants

The CSCN maintains a distribution list of participants, which is available below in two different formats. As this distribution list is subject to frequent changes, often on a daily basis, anyone using it should refresh their own list daily before sending e-mails to CSCN participants.

NOTE - This lists changes frequently, sometimes as often as once per day.   The CNA recommends that users refer directly to this on-line list whenever the data is required.  In other words, a list downloaded yesterday is, most probably, already out-of-date.

Please contact the Canadian Numbering Administrator if you wish to be added to the CSCN distribution list.  Please provide your name, title, organisation name, postal address, telephone number, facsimile number and e-mail address.


This is the standard permanent CSCN distribution list that contains address information for all regular CSCN participants.

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